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Lonely Way Back Home

Justin Turner has wanted to play and sing since he was a boy growing up in East Tennessee. Since no one in his family understands his need to sing, he runs away. He thinks his time has come when he is gifted a special guitar and winds up playing with Elvis. But, Lady Luck is a fickle companion, Justin learns after he loses his job, loses his first real love, and nearly loses his life. From dishwasher to building cars in Detroit; from backhoe operator to a bear encounter; from a potato farm to a fishing boat in the North Pacific, Justin can't stop moving. . . . to the next town, the next job, the next gig, crisscrossing the country, trying to make a connection in the music world. From a logging camp in Oregon to the streets of LA, Justin meets a troupe of characters, some wanting to support him and some wanting to do him harm, but, all pushing him toward that “golden ring” of success; if only he could grasp it!

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